Blak Mexxiah – Interview Recap

Prod Rage was accompanied by Jay R Dreamchaser to interview Blak Mexxiah last week – 08/10/2020. Blak opened up mainly on the reasoning and influences that thrive and inspire himself throughout the craft he creates.

Shasha Marley & Major Grumpy – Preview – EP 66

Tomorrows show will host two live interviews from Shasha Marely and Major Grumpy, both in which create Dancehall and Reggae music. Shasha Marely represents Accra, Ghana, Major Grumpy represents Old Harbour Bay – Saint Catherine, Jamaica. The first part of the show will be solely focussed on both of these artistes where Prod Rage andContinue reading “Shasha Marley & Major Grumpy – Preview – EP 66”


This week there was no live stream from DJ Turtz so none of the genres which he covers are included within the playlist. We have tracks from DJ V8’s shows throughout the week, Prod Rage and Jay R Dreamchaser out of Thursday as well as music played on the ‘RRR’ show by Danny Riley andContinue reading “TOP 20 TRACKS OF THE WEEK”


Tracks consist of each genre covered throughout the whole of CUSH:UK and TS1 REGGAE RADIO shows, from Reggae, DnB, through to Grime, Rap, Hip-Hop and more. DJ Turtz picked out tracks by Skrillex and Hardrive from his show on Tuesday. Teejay’s ‘Wings To Fly’ and ‘Something Special’ by Gyptian reign out from DJ V8’s liveContinue reading “TOP 20 TRACKS OF THE WEEK”


Tomorrow evening – 11/09/2020 – the team is coming together this time for definite! Better late than never at all! It’s going to be a hell of a link up, spinning all the best tracks, fresh and dated, from each selecta! ‘RRR’ – Preview – EP 55

‘RRR’ – Preview – EP 55

Tomorrow evening – 05/09/2020 – the team are all linking up together for a special show. ‘RRR’ will still be taking place kicking off the whole night where Danny Riley and Smooth Jezza will be spinning Reggae, UK artists and a worldwide collection including USA and Australian Hip-Hop/Rap/Grime. The majority of music from Danny’s sideContinue reading “‘RRR’ – Preview – EP 55”


For the sixth consecutive week, we bring to you our ‘TOP 20 TRACKS OF THE WEEK’. Five tracks from Tuesday’s special mix with DJ Turtz and guests, a selection out of DJ V8’s streams as well as the ‘RRR’ show presented by Danny Riley and Smooth Jezza. No live podcast from Prod Rage this weekContinue reading “TOP 20 TRACKS OF THE WEEK”

Prod Rage – Preview – Dane Hype / Jay R

Due to technical difficulties, the same line up is scheduled for this Thursday – 20/08/2020 starting at 7:00pm. It will be episode 50, hitting one of the first significant milestones and given that there may even be a couple more surprises in store. You can tune in through the same link as provided in theContinue reading “Prod Rage – Preview – Dane Hype / Jay R”