Wowski – Preview

Jamaican Reggae artiste, Wowski, will link up with Prod Rage and fungiFerg on the line this upcoming Thursday to portray a plethora of insights and experiences which have impacted his craft, the goals he is set on achieving, as well as much more articulating his music.

Wowski hails from Kingston, Jamaica, and is a police officer assigned to the Community Safety and Security Branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. He is renowned for blending an array of poignant and compassionate messages with positive and uplifting vibes throughout his work – strongly focusing on inspiring the growth of younger generations.

Ranging over the multiple years that he has industriously created music, Wowski has explored and adapted to elements of Dancehall and Hip-Hop in alignment to the authentic Roots Reggae sounds that he vibrantly delivers his unique flows upon.

Wowski’s latest track ‘Dubai

Listen to Wowski’s music via Audiomack and iTunes

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‘RRR’ – Preview – EP 154

27/03/2021 – 7:00pm

Resuming to the original vibes of the show after last week’s celebrations, Danny Riley has another packed playlist in store for our listeners.

A plethora of Reggae riddims open up a dynamic night of music as the likes of Ross I-Yota, Golden Voice, Iyaz, Fortunate Youth and KRISIS (Knatch Rychus, Imar Shephard and Iyah Syte) will all have their tracks spun by Danny.

Hak Baker, Wretch 32, Coco, Phidizz and a fresh track entitled ‘Borealis’ by Shogun and Britizen Kane unveiled from their forthcoming ‘ShoKane’ collaborative EP will star in the UK segment.

To draw a close to the show, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Yelawolf x Caskey all feature out of the USA whilst L1 (who has fused with the engineering of Scottish producer Toni Smoke), Vida Sunshyne, Lady P and Clifton all represent Australia.

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Shogun x Britizen Kane – Borealis

Borealis’ is the first single unveiled from the forthcoming collaborative EP by Shogun and Britizen Kane entitled ‘ShoKane’.

Shogun and Britizen Kane unleash a flurry of hard-hitting bars to complement the production and engineering of Turkish Dcypha. Only as recently as last month, Britizen Kane and Turkish Dcypha combined with Detroit Rap legend, Royce da 5’9’’, to deliver their first track of the year, ‘Locked & Loaded’. But now this thriving trio fuse once again having previously linked up on the joint ‘Cheat Code’ which stars on the ‘Britizen Kane’ album fully produced by Turkish Dcypha.

Aurora Borealis is also known as the Northern Lights, a unique natural phenomenon illuminating distinct areas of the north skies leaving onlookers amazed. Both artists symbolise and implement this in their own right by showcasing their flair, but not just appealing to listeners in the north of the UK, they impress and resonate with differing demographics throughout each home nation and further overseas!

Shogun utilises his undisputed flow and tactically sound wordplay qualities to address his reflective thoughts in a fiery manner – definitively stating that he is the voice of the north. Britizen Kane articulates his focus upon anecdotes of his journey whilst adroitly embedding Mancunian figures and features into his lyricism, ultimately reppin’ for his region in alignment to conveying the concept of the track.

Listen and support below!

‘Borealis’ on all streaming platforms

Shogun | Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : YouTube

Britizen Kane | Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : YouTube

Turkish Dcypha | Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : YouTube

Yaadcore – Preview

This Thursday, Prod Rage and fungiFerg will be joined by the versatile Reggae phenomenon, Yaadcore. As our hosts delve into his thriving career, expect to hear discussions upon a slew of insightful talking points reflecting his overall journey and the poignant meanings which are embedded throughout each piece of his craft.

Reigning from Mandeville, Jamaica, Yaadcore is not only one of the most prominent selectors spinning music within Reggae today, but also a vibrant artiste and producer! Over the years, Yaadcore has worked and collaborated with a plethora of exceptionally talented individuals in the industry including Shanique Marie, Kabaka Pyramid, Protoje, Addis Pablo, Thunder, Rory Stone Love and many more!

Operating alongside Jason Panton and continuous support from Protoje, a sound system was formed in 2013 – named Dubwise Jamaica. It is an influential platform dedicated to preserving culture by showcasing the authentic Roots Reggae genre. Since establishing, they have held innumerable events in various cities throughout nations such as the USA, Ethiopia, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, as well as at multiple venues in the origin of Kingston, Jamaica. Also in 2013, Yaadcore was the tour DJ for Protoje, a role in which presented further invaluable experiences for himself as he was able to contribute towards providing the “Reggae Revival” sound for appreciative crowds to absorb across the globe.

Yaadcore’s most recent visual release ‘Tension

12 Yaad Records

Listen to Yaadcore’s music via iTunes here

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‘RRR’ – Preview – EP 150

20/03/2021 – 7:00pm

Danny Riley is switching up the sounds this Saturday evening as we all celebrate one year of The CUSH:UK Takeover Show via TS1 REGGAE RADIO!

As always, beginning with Reggae, Danny will be spinning an array of talent from descendants of legends within the genre including the likes of Skip Marley, Meleku, Imeru Tafari, Jahazeil Myrie and Marvin Priest.

Tinie Tempah, Kano, Skepta, The Movement and a collaborative joint by Grim Sickers, The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light and Ghetts – all feature in the UK segment.

Concluding by touching down in multiple countries across the globe, there will be a mixture of Dance and Rave tunes with the vibes provided from deadmau5 of Canada, Darude of Finland, Lucenzo of France and many more!

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Aza Lineage – Preview

As we celebrate one year of CUSH:UK via TS1 REGGAE RADIO, Jamaican Roots Reggae Empress, Aza Lineage of the Lineage Family, will be speaking to Prod Rage and fungiFerg this Thursday evening to provide an array of invaluable insights upon multiple topics articulating her craft whilst aligning to the messages she conveys throughout.

Credits – Y A R D R E E L

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Aza Lineage represents her roots and spreads positivity within her music as an industrious Reggae artiste who combines alternative features from the sound system culture to form an authentic vibe. She has constructed many tracks consistently over recent years rapidly gaining vast and reputable recognition on a national scale and worldwide!

Undoubtedly, Aza possesses an abundance of talent to continue to flourish towards becoming one of the leading figures within the scene as her humble aura and relatable lyrics inspire each generation.

She has freestyled alongside the likes of Lila Iké and Kim Styles as well as collaborating with Amali, Goldbar‘z, Junior X, Last Disciple and the O.B.F sound system for a poignant track entitled ‘Rebel Daawtaz’.

Listen to Aza Lineage’s music via iTunes here

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‘RRR’ – Preview – EP 145

As always, Danny Riley has another banger of a show in store for each listener on Saturday evening with vibrant tracks ranging throughout each segment as we approach the first full year of CUSH:UK supplying those selected sounds and exclusive interviews via TS1 REGGAE RADIO!

First up, within the Reggae section, Danny will be spinning riddims from Koffee, Govana, Vybz Kartel, Fantan Mojah and Bugle.

SL, Potter Payper, Tunde, Devlin, Durtty Goodz and a classic from Skepta featuring N-Dubz with ‘So Alive’ all represent the UK in the second hour of the night.

A slew of aptitude from the USA concludes with the likes of Young M.A, Kevin Gates, Sheff G x Sleepy Hallow as well as a collaborative joint from Berner and Hollywood!

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RagoLoco – Preview

This forthcoming Thursday, Prod Rage and fungiFerg will host RagoLoco to gain further understanding and insights into what drives his craft and the messages he embeds within, in alignment to discussing previous work and what we can expect from the Manchester Grime artist in the future.

Credits – Faro

RagoLoco has established a reputed status having showcased his talent on multiple platforms such as Link Up TV, Pie Radio, Box N Lock MCR, Risky Roadz and JDZ Media. He also represented Manchester in the Red Bull Music 2017 Grime-A-Side clashes. Upon these differing platforms, RagoLoco has featured alongside the likes of Fiasco, Slay, P1 Caps, Kay Rico and Aitch – to just name a few.

The bar – “I spit the realist lyrics at a hundred n forty beats per minute…” from ‘Look Around You’ ultimately epitomises what RagoLoco is all about. He prominently delivers his lyrical content in a conversational tone via slick, individualistic flows, which consist of intricate wordplay and poignant meaning revolving raw truth from first-hand experiences – exactly what his latest track ‘Kriss Kross’ represents.

Listen to RagoLoco’s music via iTunes here

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Phidizz ft. K95 – Closer

Phidizz has collaborated with K95 of Preme Sound to deliver the melodic hit – ‘Closer’.

Both artists complement the tranquil production of BeatzByBluntz with mellifluent vocals and captivating flows to provide a first taste of those forthcoming – sweet, “Shwavey”, summer vibes! Briefly summarising, Phidizz told CUSH:UK: “It’s for the summer people, for the ladies!”

Take it in! Listen and support below!

Listen to ‘Closer’ via iTunes here

Check out Phidizz’s interview with Prod Rage and fungiFerg from last night just below!

DeVaré – Interview Recap

DOI: 04/02/2021

DeVaré speaks on his overall journey, the authentic essence of Jamaica, the importance of receiving an education, and much more revolving his craft.

DeVaré explained to Prod Rage and each listener that he started taking music seriously back in 2004 and by 2006 he was certain that he could carve an honourable career from his passion. A bloodline talent which has continuously transferred to each generation of his family, DeVaré was encouraged to sing in his local church choir as a youngster and now he mentors and nurtures his daughter’s development in a very similar fashion to the familial help he received.

The main base of his music and orientations with loved ones is in his homeland of Jamaica, but when he was younger, he had the opportunity to move to the USA with his grandparents where he spent multiple years evolving.

It just did not compare to home for DeVaré: “I wanted to be home, I wanted to have a real deep root connection. Home is where the heart is.”

This natural feeling is one of huge significance when he gets down to creating his work: “So what happens is musically, I dedicate myself to music strictly only in Jamaica. I don’t do music any place else. You will not see me behind a microphone in any other place except Jamaica.”

DeVaré added: “You get that authentic Reggae feel and that authentic Reggae sound only from Jamaica, you will never get it from any place else.”

However, DeVaré made reason for the sub-genre of Rocksteady, which was born in London, a style in which he prominently utilises his qualities within alongside Lovers Rock.

Prod Rage posed a question articulating as to whether DeVaré’s music contains strong personal reflection whilst linking romance to being a notable key component of his lyrical content, his response was quite the opposite: “What happens with me, I get inspired, I have a gift that I interpret what I see and what I hear with a different thing. It’s almost like I interject myself into the situation, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a personal situation.” DeVaré’s tracks are constructed from observations, differing perceptions and his own feelings on the topical focus but they rarely circulate everyday occurrences of his own: “First of all because I’ve experienced it, I saw it, or heard it, or felt it on some level, but generally speaking in my songs I never talk about myself.”

DeVaré told Prod Rage that he feels as though he has a moral obligation to guide the younger generations forward and the best way of doing so is by expressing the importance of obtaining an education: “Focus on getting an education, get an education first. When you have your education, then you can dictate how your business will run.” Many experience difficulties when trying to make a living because they have no foundation to build from, DeVaré outlined that studies are integral for not just a backup plan, but to flourish in your preferred role. Being in the position to be able to offer advice to the youth of today fulfils himself with great pride.

For more on alternative subject matters and a couple live renditions of forthcoming tracks, listen below!

DeVaré Music – Where Conscious Music Lives! (

Phidizz – Preview

Nottingham hailing artist, Phidizz, will join Prod Rage and fungiFerg on the line this Thursday evening to speak upon a plethora of topics revolving his music. Expect to hear discussions articulating his latest project, ‘Phuego’, as well as a forthcoming collaborative single entitled ‘Closer’ with K95 of Preme Sound which is set to be released the following day, March 5, 2021.

Phidizz’s versatility is exceptional. He has been consistent in constructing music professionally from around 2014/2015 throughout a variety of genres such as Grime, Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap and R&B which have all been complimented with his own individualistic, unique, and vibrant “Shwavey” style.

Having battled certain influences which troubled himself as a youngster, Phidizz discovered his true purpose and has since built up a reputable status from the quality of music he creates in alignment to the work he contributes within his community to leave a lasting positive impact on youths growing up.

He has persisted and featured upon major platforms such as JDZ Media, BL@CKBOX, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Grime Sessions and SBTV with multiple freestyles, tracks and cyphers alongside the likes of Shxdow, Jah Digga, Aye Nizzy, Eyez and many more!

Listen to Phidizz’s music via iTunes here

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Sunday Service with DJ V8

DJ V8 of TS1 REGGAE RADIO will be taking over today’s Sunday slot from 3:00pm bringing all of our listeners a sweet selection of Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and Soul sounds!

We would all like to thank Jay R Dreamchaser for his contributions to the team and we wish him all the best with his new venture away from CUSH:UK.

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