Kryptik – Preview

The multitalented Scottish emcee Kryptik will be live discussing plentiful topics articulating his extensive work with our ‘RRR’ host Danny Riley on Saturday evening.

The Paisley native began his musical journey almost two decades ago via beatboxing and graffiti. He proceeded to engineer music within multiple genres such as DnB, Techno and Breakbeat before cementing his style atop of instrumentals.

Kryptik formed the Hip-Hop collective Delivery Room on the back of releasing his debut album ‘Necessary Evil’ in 2015 and went on to support the likes of Ocean Wisdom, Dirty Dike, Dabbla and The Four Owls at various events.

Whilst being backed with airtime and online exposure from Amazing Radio, North Highland Radio and BBC Introducing in Scotland to just name a few, Kryptik also passes on that same appreciation he has personally received to his peers, highlighting fellow Scottish artists’ talent as a part of Wordplay Magazine’s editorial team.

Listen to Kryptik’s music via iTunes here

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Baked Goods x Wowski – Grateful

Taken from their forthcoming project ‘The Jerk Flavour EP’, Baked Goods have released their first official single entitled “Grateful” featuring Jamaican Reggae maestro, Wowski.

Grateful” is appreciating, showing gratitude and spreading love. 

All of which are ingredients needed in our world to help promote motivation and inspiration for one another to succeed, however, this mutual respect is lacked by a large proportion.

This is the message Baked Goods and Wowski aim to portray and spearhead throughout the track and in many other pieces of their work. Make the most of each opportunity that comes your way and be thankful. 

Grateful” visuals filmed and edited by Wowski Photography

Baked Goods | Instagram : Spotify : YouTube : iTunes : Ditto

Wowski | Instagram : Facebook : Spotify : YouTube : Soundcloud : Audiomack : Amazon Music : TikTok : iTunes

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Ross I-Yota – Preview

Danny Riley will host Ross I-Yota this Saturday evening on The ‘RRR’ Show to delve into his musical career.

Ross I-Yota hails from Old Harbour in the parish of Saint Catherine, Jamiaca. The independent recording artiste creates music throughout a variety of genres such as Reggae, Dancehall, Dub and Hip-Hop.

He consistently releases tracks which ooze with uplifting energy whilst conveying positive and conscious messages. At the relatively young age of 26 Ross I-Yota is just warming up, expect plenty more versatile offerings as he establishes his sound further and continuously develops.

Listen to Ross I-Yota‘s music via iTunes, Audiomack and ReverbNation

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H-Man – Preview

Danny Riley will host H-Man during the ‘RRR’ show this Saturday evening to delve into his musical journey whilst discussing upcoming projects and much more revolving the craft he produces.

Hailing from Scotswood, Newcastle, H-Man is an industrious artist highly renowned for his assertive lyricism and dynamic flows. He has showcased his versatility throughout a plethora of genres such as Hip-Hop, Rap and Grime for a near decade, if not longer. The Geordie native is also known as ThundeR-H, most notably during the time of VAMPHiGHER LiFE, teaming up with Smooth Jezza, Dubs, BEN and Danny himself to construct ‘The Black Veil’ mixtape and different collaborative joints.

H-Man fused with Just B to form HB. The duo created the albums ‘The Perfect Storm’ and ‘Overcast’ in 2015 and 2018 respectively whilst working closely together on many pieces of work over the years. Indisputably, both artists have built reputable statuses as pioneering figures of North East Grime – proudly representing the region. They both complement one another’s style and purpose immensely by portraying personal hardships of life affairs in deep-rooted impactful bars.

Too ScotcHy” the first release from H-Man‘s forthcoming album ‘ScotcHy-Haiku!‘ produced by Shoshin Noel

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CHRISTO B – Preview

Prod Rage and fungiFerg are back with a live interview this Thursday evening as they host Ghanaian Reggae artiste, CHRISTO B.

Hailing from Aiyinasi, Ghana, CHRISTO B prominently creates riddims within the genre of Reggae and is also known by the name of De Jah Vessel.

As he incorporates the authentic foundational sounds of Reggae throughout his music, CHRISTO B portrays enlightening messages and addresses poignant topical situations that occur in our world.

CHRISTO B has collaborated with Shasha Marley on two tracks entitled ‘Kudos To Mummy’ and ‘The Truth Is One’. The first conveys compassion, honour and gratitude to every mother and woman out there. The second focuses on a strong mutual feeling, the reality as to how politicians are self-centred and prioritise themselves compared to the hard working people of each nation.

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TMANTUS – Preview

Danny Riley is back again this Saturday evening presenting the ‘RRR’ show with another live interview. He will host TMANTUS who is an artist and producer representing the North East of England.

Sunderland born emcee, TMANTUS, currently creates the majority of his music within the genres of Rap and Grime and is a part of the collective, GXNG, which features the likes of PHERO-BA, Ryza, AK-RO, Lord Supreme and $.O.N.N.Y.

Having performed at a plethora of events alongside some of the region’s greatest lyricists such as Freddy, Zico MC, Gilly Man Giro and Rick Fury; TMANTUS is establishing himself to make a similar impression as to those artists as he evolves and utilises his own ability in collaboration with the GXNG movement members.

Danny Riley will look to uncover various insights and experiences from his journey so far as well as setting out what the next steps are to his rising development.

TMANTUS – ‘Zilla’ produced by $.O.N.N.Y

TMANTUS | Facebook : Instagram : Soundcloud

GXNG | Facebook : Instagram : YouTube

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Katastrophe – Preview

Our ‘RRR’ host Danny Riley will welcome Katastrophe this Saturday evening to discover the insights into what motivates his work, the messages he aims to convey throughout, what we can expect from himself in the near future and much more articulating.

UK Rap and Hip-Hop artist Katastrophe is a part of the independent music label Battle Funk Records and he is quickly gaining reputable recognition for his resonating portrayal of personal life affairs upon the mic.

With a significant focus revolving self reflection and expression of pain in his music, Katastrophe flows effortlessly atop of a range of varying instrumentals as he delivers figurative bars and an intricate play on words. This epitomises the foundations of his debut album ‘Talking to Myself’ which he dropped in October of last year.

Buy and stream Katastrophe’s latest album ‘Talking to Myselfhere

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Deelite MC – Preview

Whilst our host Danny Riley delves into what we can expect from the prospering talent in the near future, Saturday evening’s discussion will also include a wide range of insights and experiences from Deelite MC’s musical journey in alignment to any personal influences which have helped to shape his craft.

Deelite MC hails from Leicester and constructs his music primarily with elements of Grime, Garage and Dubstep. Inspired from his Indian heritage, he has pioneered an undisputed niche style since debuting in the music scene in 2013 as he incorporates Punjabi and Desi sounds alongside bilingual lyricism into an array of tracks.

Notable collaborative joints have featured the likes of Syllable, Premz, MC JD and most recently Lauren Marlow for the Garage hit ‘See You Again’. Deelite MC has gained vast recognition having received support and airtime from Rinse FM, PyroRadio, Lyca Radio and the BBC Asian Network amongst others. He is undoubtedly developing reputable and evolutionary strides as he portrays his unique vibe with raw energy.

Listen to Deelite MC’s music via iTunes here

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‘RRR’ – Preview – EP 161

10/04/2021 – 7:00pm

Yet again Danny Riley has another packed playlist in store to hype everyone up for the imminent easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK.

Amongst Reggae tracks from the likes of M Dot R, Jah Lando, Squash, Vershon and Damian Marley, Danny has an exclusive to spin from Prod Rage and fungiFerg entitled ‘Ganja Day’.

Artists such as Max Gavins, R2T2, Shakk and Gilly Man Giro will represent the North East music scene in Danny’s dedicated section as well as a fresh HB (Just B and H-Man) track named, ‘Super Saiyan’, which will feature on their forthcoming album.

Concluding the night there will be a plethora of talent from the USA including Freddie Gibbs, Kyah Baby, Chris Rivers, Token and Benny The Butcher.

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fungiFerg ft. Mayday – Don’t Bother Me

fungiFerg has linked up with Birmingham’s Mayday to construct the righteous joint ‘Don’t Bother Me’ in collaboration with the production and engineering of $.O.N.N.Y.

Time and time again, fungiFerg impresses listeners with an engaging hook and the breakdown to this track follows on the exact same path. It reiterates that vast amounts of people focus upon the development of others by figuratively symbolising these individuals looking through the outside of a window at those flourishing on the inside rather than carving their own strides.

Amongst emphatic lyricism and adept wordplay throughout the three verses, there is a significant focus articulating the movements that each artist is consistently building as they cement their legacy on true important values compared to materialistic traits and trends which a large proportion of those onlookers have been engulfed by.

It doesn’t bother fungiFerg, Mayday or $.O.N.N.Y, they have formed their own evolutionary lane within the craft that they create and nothing will stop them from continuously levelling up.

Take in ‘Don’t Bother Me’ on all streaming platforms and support below!

fungiFerg |Twitter : Instagram : YouTube : Soundcloud : Spotify : Bandcamp : iTunes

Mayday |Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : YouTube : Soundcloud : Spotify : Bandcamp : iTunes : Website

$.O.N.N.Y |Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Soundcloud : Spotify : Bandcamp

Da Fuchaman – Preview

International Reggae recording artiste, Da Fuchaman, will converse with our hosts Prod Rage and fungiFerg upon a plethora of topics revolving his craft and overall musical journey this coming Thursday on The CUSH:UK Takeover Show.

Reigning from Middle Buxton in the parish of Saint Ann, Jamaica, Da Fuchaman now resides in the UK and has consistently created enlightening riddims dating back to more than a decade ago. In 2018, his single ‘So Much Love’ featuring Alfie Haile rose to third position in the official iTunes Reggae chart and in the same year he was recognised as the Best Reggae Artist at the MMG Awards.

Da Fuchaman’s latest body of work is an EP entitled A Black Mans Cry’ which consists of four poignant tracks articulating the awareness of issues such as racism and equality. Throughout his career he has collaborated with the engineering duo, Run Tingz Cru, as well as highly reputable artistes such as Lutan Fyah, Anthony B, Perfect Giddimani and Deadly Hunta whilst playing with a live band named The Fire Blaze Band. Da Fuchaman also hosts his own podcast, Reggae Up Yourself, which has featured the likes of Richie Spice, Beenie Man, General Levy, Kabaka Pyramid and Jah9 where all of which have provided their insights and experiences.

Listen to Da Fuchaman’s music via iTunes here

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‘RRR’ – Preview – EP 157

03/04/2021 – 7:00pm

Danny Riley is holding it down once again this weekend with a selection of tunes suited to just about anyone’s taste!

As always, beginning with the Reggae riddims, Danny has chosen the likes of Chronixx, Knatch Rychus, Perfect Giddimani, Fyiah, Reemah and African Reggae Machine to all feature in the segment, as well as an exclusive track from Wowski in collaboration with the engineering of our very own, Baked Goods (Prod Rage and DJ Turtz), taken from their forthcoming project ‘The Jerk Flavour EP’.

Queen Millz, Chiedu Oraka, Mez, Mercston, Quade PoundSign and Robbahollow represent the vibes out of the UK.

Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, K-Rino and The Notorious B.I.G have been included from the USA to conclude the show whilst Jumzilla, Mitchos Da Menace, P.Smurf and Huskii x Chillinit from Australia also contribute to the final section of the playlist.

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