‘RRR’ – Preview – EP 136

20/02/2021 – 7:00pm

Danny Riley is providing those sweet Reggae vibes this Saturday evening accompanied with hard-hitting Rap tracks from the UK and USA.

Jamaica’s – Maestro Don, Jafrass, Jada Kingdom, Reemah, Ruku G and Aiodize will all set the tone in the beginning Reggae segment alongside Kenya’s Black Seed.

slowthai’s track, ‘VEX’, which dropped last Friday starring on his highly anticipated second album, ‘TYRON’, will line-up in the UK section next to another fresh joint from Grim Sickers featuring Scorcher – entitled, ‘Near Miss’. A few other artists making up the playlist include: RobRez, RuMaz, Vitamin G and Bruza.

Representing the USA we have the likes of: Anoyd, REASON, Cozz, Pap Chanel and a plethora of all-star collaborative hits!

Tune in: ▶ Cush:UK – LIVE – Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun 7pm UK | Spreaker

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