Smooth Jezza

A veteran and legend within his own right, long time brother of those involved in CUSH:UK and previous organisations, now presenting the ‘RRR’ show alongside Danny Riley. Moving forward Smooth Jezza will be teaming up further, using Tearaway Records as a platform and promoting each other in the process. Being old school within releasing music, the partnership will see more of his tracks released on to all streaming platforms other than the features he has been tagged in which are present in the links below. Jezza has collaborated with numerous artists over his time but most notably, ‘THIS BE THE CLICK’ with Dubs and ‘VAMPHIGHER LIFE’ combination of Dubs, BEN and Thunder H (H Man).

Accomplishing mass amounts throughout his career in music such as picking up the winner of UBeat Music Awards rapper of the year in 2016 and being a nominee for single of the year in the annual awards prior to that. Releasing innumerable bodies of work consistently, making a living outside of the music industry in barbering, there is still a great deal that will be accomplished and there will not be any stoppages what so ever as he and everyone involved continues to rise to the top. Recently Jezza has found the knack to producing music, adding more to his inventory, you will hear a great deal of tracks that have been produced by himself and you can find a couple of these in his interview recap audio.

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