Dropping the first official track under Tearaway Records with ‘TEES SOUND VOL.1’ produced by Prod Rage, fungiFerg will be releasing a great deal more as a part of the movement. Follow up tracks to this first instalment of the genre that is birthed in Teesside will be on the way, with more singles and collaborations in the pipeline to be delivered too. Ferg can adapt to a variety of genres as mentioned on the about page which you will see more of moving forward in the form of Drill and Garage varied from Grime and the assortment he is involved with.

DJ Turtz and fungiFerg in the studio

Huge experience of creating music with the likes of Prod Rage dating back to their time as a part of Teesside Connection around 2013 which explored a wide range of the genres covered throughout CUSH:UK. Expect to see more of the same coming up.

For more on fungiFerg see the about page and follow here:

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